Question and Answer Session…with God

When I was growing up, General Conference weekend meant that we got to watch church on television…in our pajamas while Mom made German Apple Pancakes. I would try and persuade one of my sisters to switch off on a back massage competition before it started, but this time, it’s not about who wins conference bingo anymore. This is a missionary’s favorite holiday–this weekend we get to be sponges and soak up every single word from the mouth of God’s servants. We’ve worked hard to advertise this day to the community, remind less-active members of our congregation about the event, and most importantly, prepare our minds to receive this much guidance from a modern-day prophet.

It happens every six months…the first weekend of April, and the first weekend of October. So, tomorrow and Sunday, many priesthood and auxiliary leaders will address the world for the things that Heavenly Father really needs to tell His children. They are the ones from whom His message goes through, since He can’t come down personally. (Remember that whole faith thing? Read Ether 12:12 for more clarification.) However, it really is as if He did it Himself. “Whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same.” -Doctrine and Covenants 1:38

Personally, I’m really looking forward to lots of my questions being answered. Each person speaks on a different subject, and regardless of if they actually cover the topic I’m wondering about, I know the Spirit will answer it through something someone says. It’s not an, “I hope it will be answered,” it an, “I know it will be answered.”

You should try and think of a few questions for the Lord, and then watch General Conference this weekend with me to hear your answers. You can see it online at, or at your local stake center. The first session starts Saturday, April 6th at 10/12 ET, with another one that day at 2/4 ET. Same thing on Sunday. I’m sure I’ll post my revalatory experiences…because there will be quite a few!