190th Anniversary

As Mormons, a lot of people think we do weird things. Well, give us a break, it was prophesied in the Bible…

“But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.” -1 Peter 2:9


What do you get when you have over fifty missionaries walking four miles in the middle of nowhere? A celebration of the 190th anniversary of Joseph Smith meeting Moroni for the first time, of course! On September 21, 1823, Moroni (the last prophet of the 6th dispensation) showed the prophet Joseph where he could find the record in the Hill Cumorah. At 17 years old, Joseph walked Stafford Road from his home in Palmyra, NY, to the Hill Cumorah in Manchester, NY after Moroni appeared to him in the upstairs of his little log home, telling him the information. Four years later on the same anniversary, he brought back to Palmyra the plates to what is now translated in English as The Book of Mormon.


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Be a Flashlight…Not Just a Glowstick

It’s taken me this long to figure out the best way to start off a transfer…

To see one of your sisters get baptized! Brittany has grown into our “5th companion” as she got baptized this week, and already has taught lessons with us and the Webster sisters. Apparently she told one of their investigators that he needed to back off if he wasn’t totally ready to change his life. She’s my hero.

Man, so much has happened this week. Sister Gillespie is on fire, and we are tearing up Irondequoit. Even though we have trainings to plan, exchanges to do, sites to serve at, we are finding time to talk with everyone. President likes to remind me that I don’t have much time to sprint to the end, and last week he said, “Irondequoit better be translated when you leave!” (He doesn’t leave much room for laziness.) I’m pretty sure I’m his biggest fan. I could go on forever about how much respect I have for him, but unfortunately I’ve only got so long to tell you about the rest of my week. The Francis family is perfect.

As for an introduction to our training (that trained me more than anyone else in the room):

“Behold all ye that kindle fire, that compass yourselves about with sparks, walk in the light of your fire and in the sparks which ye have kindled.” -2 Nephi 7:11

We started off by giving each missionary in our zone those little glow stars that children put on their ceilings at night. We charged the stars a bit with our flashlights, then all walked into a dark room with Sister Gillespie and I holding the flashlights, with the whole goal being to find the Starbursts in the front of the room. In order for them to find them, we just shone them in every which way, but we didn’t really point them in a specific direction. The point was for us to invite them by pointing the beam of light in a specific direction in order for them to easily find the candy…a.k.a. eternal life. How hard is it for missionaries to focus and shine their light they received from Christ? Are we bold enough? Are our batteries charged? The other missionaries (investigators) had a glow star…why couldn’t they find it just from that?

The point is to be the flashlight. We are commanded to be a flashlight once we are baptized into the church. What happens if we are just a glow star? We still have a light, right? Yes, we do have a light, but it is unreachable. It is something that is only glowing, and not pointing towards a specific direction. Now, there are a million other analogies to that concept, and I hope that you think about how you can be the flashlight in the darkness. Offering a ride to a Mutual activity? Giving someone an invite to your Family Home Evening? The light of Christ you have can not only charge the other glow stars you work and live among, but so you can use Christ to literally change their state of being to a flashlight. Now, read that scripture from 2 Nephi again, and never look at a flashlight the same again.

On Thursday I had the opportunity to take a couple from Boston around the Joseph Smith Farm. Robert and Jean have been dating for quite some time, but their religious background won’t allow them to get married. After just a few minutes in the Manchester Frame Home, Robert the atheist, turns to me and says, “I’ve never seen anyone so happy…I usually can fake it on a Saturday night at the bar. But are you for real?” I explained to him the Plan of Happiness, and related it to Joseph Smith and how he wanted to know his identity so badly, so badly enough that he had a confidence in God that He would answer his prayer. I expounded on the Restoration and my personal witness of the things that happened here. After about a twenty minute conversation, he said, “So…this is why you’re happy.” I almost was in tears defending what Joseph learned in the grove, just a few hundred feet away. I mentioned to him that missionaries are throughout the world teaching the same message, and it was no coincidence that I had my best friend Rebecca’s picture of her serving in the Philippines on the back of my Book of Mormon. I showed it to Robert and Jean, and even if they don’t act on the prompting, I knew they felt it was right that what we both were doing was the absolute truth. Their faces look at her picture gave it away, and the spirit testifying to them was way too strong to deny. After sending them into the Grove, I vocally expressed thanks to my Heavenly Father on the walk back to the Welcome Center on Stafford Road.
Along with success from the less-active members of the church, potential investigators, and hilarious journal entries, this week has been one of the best on my mission. It’s also been one of the most trying…thus being the best. I’m completely convinced we don’t learn anything if we don’t feel any urgency to complete tasks ahead of us–especially those that have to do with Christ’s work on the earth. He’s not chastising us, He is giving us the opportunity to grow because He loves us that much. A coach doesn’t yell at the people he’s going to cut!
I can really feel your prayers, and letters of encouragement are completely inspired from everyone. Thank you! I can’t pay you all back, so I’ll pay Him forward.
Hermana Hawkes

Jesus is Better Than Dayquill

I love fast and testimony meetings. I want to add that one to the Facebook group, “Overheard at the Pulpit.”

Well, it is true. There’s nothing quite like the Savior and His ability to solve everything. However, it’s usually not in our own time. In fact, yesterday, it was a small, but key learning experience about that. I went to bed Sunday night feeling a bit (a lot) frustrated at the inability we have in our area to find people that are truly searching. We get many contacts, but I can’t tell you how many times we’ve planned to teach the Restoration–and it has fallen through. I prayed so hard that I would wake up with peace, and a reassurance that what I’m doing is the right thing. Isn’t that a great thing to pray for? I thought it was, so naturally, I was confident that it was going to happen. So, I wake up Monday morning, and find that I feel the exact same way. What? I thought it was strange, especially since I had so much faith. I still said my morning prayers, got up, and threw on my workout clothes. As we were running to the field (to our ultimate Frisbee appointment with the elders) a thought came to me. It was my decision on how to act according to everything else going on around me. I knew I needed to put a smile on my face, since the day ahead already looked pretty long. I thought of all the good things that happened the day before, and all of the good things that would happen in the next few hours. After that, I felt fantastic. I learned that we always need to pray for the strength to overcome, and not for God to take us out of the situation. It’s the same thing He did with the Brother of Jared in the book of Ether. I’m just glad that I learned that lesson on a much smaller scale!

My personal study this week was pretty great…I studied a lot on charity and the pure love of Christ. Most of us take that as trying to love people that you don’t know yet, or who you have a hard time loving. But what about the people you truly love, but don’t love themselves? A recurring phrase of a scripture kept coming to me over and over again in my mind, “And the servant of the Lord must not strive, but be gentle unto all men…In meekness instructing that oppose themselves…” -2 Timothy 2:24-25. I think it’s almost harder to convince someone they’re loved than to start from the beginning. I grabbed a talk out of the September ’95 Ensign entitled, “To Touch A Life With Faith.” President Eyring is speaking of those who are having a hard time submitting to the will of God when he said, “That feeling of surrender is not likely to come unless they experience some feeling of being loved…If you love them because you feel God’s love for them, they will feel that.” We help them the most effectively when we draw them closer to the Savior, and help them discover their own personal relationship with Him.

We had our first Mission Leadership Council this week as STL’s. It was extremely cool. After getting the business items out of the way, President Francis started with teaching us how to properly shake hands. Remember Vince Lombardi and showing all of his players what a football looks like? We started from the ground up. If our missionaries can’t remember to do the very miniscule things, they will not be recognized as servants of Christ. Dress and grooming was stressed, along with exact obedience. I was really surprised at how small of a council we had in comparison to how big our mission is. During the meeting, especially as President was asking us our each individual thoughts on certain topics, I was thinking how insane it is that Jesus Christ trusts people our age to do this work. Hello, we are barely out of high school here…and He’s trusting us with the salvation of souls?! It really isn’t our work. It’s the work of the Lord, and the only people that can do it the correct way are those who have enough faith. Resume’s do not even hold a candle to the faith required to do this job.

We’ve been at the sites for all of about five hours this week. As for our area, it’s still progressing. We got a bunch of contacts, and have started teaching some returning member lessons. It was a “fruit of my labors” moment on Sunday when one of the women that we invited back to church got up to bear her testimony. She had been gone for quite a few years, and didn’t know how to come back until the sisters just showed up at her door. Her boyfriend had died just a couple weeks previous, and she was ready. She’s starting the temple preparation classes again, and says that she can tell a huge difference of how her life was before we came, and after we came. We never even realized the impact it would have on her when we just knocked. Isn’t Christ just always knocking?

I think that’s all for now! I absolutely love being here in New York, especially with the 70 degree weather we’ve had for the past couple weeks. It looks like it’s just good from here on out! Weather wise, and work wise. 🙂


Hermana Hawkes

p.s. The attached photo is Sister Steel and I celebrating National Twin Day with Bob Parrott (the grove keeper!) at the Joseph Smith Farm. And if you look closely, my “Hermana” is official!


Tourism 101

I don’t know if I’ve had 20 minutes to sit down and eat a meal in the past week.

Between President Francis and his family arriving last night, SLC Headquarters giving us trainings in the a.m., working shifts at the sites and preparing for the Hill Cumorah Pageant cast training…I don’t even have time to remember my name! (I really did forget it the other day…it took me a second.) The best part of it is that I don’t look exhausted. (At least I hope I don’t.) My pace right now is a little bit faster than normal, but the Lord is making up for the rest so I can actually hold fun and normal conversations with people. Phew!

Yes, the Francis family arrived, and we just got back from the mission home ten minutes ago! We live just a few miles away from them, so we decided to make some cookies and a little note to take over to them on our way to Palmyra. Well, it was basically an excuse to be the first to meet them. 🙂 But they are WONDERFUL!  I’m so excited to get to know them all better, but I’m especially excited to observe how they raise their kids in the mission home. They’ve got four handsome boys they brought out, two kids serving their own missions right now, one that just got home in August…so they are a complete missionary family. I know you’re not supposed to covet, but that sounds really fun!

Now for the site updates. On Friday, Hermana Steel and I worked at the Peter Whitmer Farm out in Fayette. In the afternoon alone, we had six buses come from Virginia, North Carolina and Boston! We started Pageant mode a bit early, which means instead of taking a group all the way through the site, we were stationed at a point. For a few hours, I had the inside of the Visitors’ Center just before they went out to the log home. From the beginning of my mission, I’ve vowed to myself not to make any tour the same, and it’s next to impossible to do that in Pageant mode. However, I think I accomplished it pretty well! I literally just opened my mouth, and the words fell from me. I was talking about things I studied a few weeks ago, things I studied just that morning, and things I haven’t thought about in years. We discussed confidence vs. cockiness, conversion, being instruments in the hands of God, the sacrament…etc. The thing I noticed is that if the visitors respond, the spirit flows more freely and gives more communication. (That’s a lesson for being a visitor at the sites: ask as many questions as you can, and truly bear your testimony, and your experience will be out of this world.) Another thing I noticed about myself, is that it’s taken me this long to feel comfortable enough to be bold within the first couple of minutes. I’m going to take a whack at it and suggest it comes from personal conversion. It’s my studies that help me feel not just like a missionary for 18 months, but His servant for a lifetime. It’s not even my words that hit to the heart of the visitors, it’s the spirit–if they’re truly listening. “See that ye do not boast in your own wisdom, nor of your much strength. Use boldness, but not overbearance…that ye may be filled with love…” -Alma 38:11-12

Besides the big groups coming all at once, I got to take some pretty neat people through the Joseph Smith Farm. The BYU track coach, Coach Robison and his family, Elder Chiddister (my area seventy from Davis County!), and a few other people that know my family. It is so much deeper for them (and for me) when you start with a connection. It’s also a lot more obvious when people actually want to be there, and don’t just drag themselves there because it’s some Mormon mecca or something. It’s a very sacred, spiritual place, and when visitors take the time to intently study before they come, and even take Moroni’s promise in Moroni 10:3-4 and apply it to the sites, their experience will be a farther reaching effect than just themselves. It will affect their families back at home, their co-workers, aunts, uncles…whatever. These historical sites were preserved and re-constructed for both members and non-members to come and strengthen their testimony of Jesus Christ. Contrary to popular belief, we are not out to get your referrals! I think that’s all the “being a visitor” advice I have for today.

Personal study update real quick. In my personal doctrine and covenants notebook, this week I asked “How do I demonstrate the pure love of Christ?” I got part of my answer on Sunday when President Christianson spoke (for the last time) in our ward. Come on, I didn’t even cry when I left my own parents! From my experience, I left with the spirit reminding me of Elder Holland’s quote, “The crowning characteristic of love is always loyalty,” then going home and looking up ‘charity’ in the dictionary. I read, “the act of loving all men as brothers because they are sons of God…lenience in judging men and their actions.”

Thanks for everything, and remember to send all mail for the next 3 weeks to Kreag Road, if you haven’t being doing that already! We move out to Palmyra on Sunday night and will be there until the last week of July. Ten girls with two bathrooms? Whoo!


Hermana Hawkes

p.s. Here are us Cast Trainers for the Hill Cumorah Pageant at our temple trip!


Are you thrilled?

I’m so exhausted.
I guess when the Lord says to “wear ourselves out in the work,” He really means it. On Wednesday we had a couple of youth conference buses from Virginia, then Friday alone we had six of them come through in just a couple hours. I almost lost my voice, but thankfully the Lord even cares about that if you have enough faith.


The Joseph Smith Farm was on Wednesday, which means I got to take half the youth through Joseph’s stomping grounds. They split into young men and young women–and I got to take the young women. It was a powerful hour filled with testimony and the Spirit. When we got to the threshing barn, I wanted them to think of symbolism of the Atonement while I explained the threshing process. I’m not sure if you know the process, but it has a lot to do with beating, grinding, and more beating. Google it, if you don’t know what it is. Anyway, when I finished this simple explanation, it didn’t take a genius to figure out that the Spirit had slithered His way through each of the girls and they had learned a lot more about the Savior then they thought they were coming here for. After about ten seconds of silence, a quote I had read earlier in personal study popped into my head, which of course I shared. “No woman is a more vibrant instrument in the hands of the Lord than a woman of God who is thrilled to be who she is.” -Sheri DewImmediately I noticed one of the leaders in the back just about lose it. Tears were heavily flowing from her face, and I could feel the Lord literally putting words in my mouth. We spent a couple more minutes bearing testimony before we moved onto the Cooper Shop to do the same thing. Those are the moments when I really know that I can not do this on my own.


Going back to the “regular, every day” schedule of a missionary in the NYRM, we’ve had a few minutes (yes, I said minutes) in Irondequoit this week. On Tuesday, we decided go through the ward list to pick out a less-active that we could invite back to church. She didn’t answer, so we had a few more minutes to hand out some more invitations to the Hill Cumorah Pageant. (It’s our excuse for conversation starting when people see the name tag and run.) Across the street were two women walking their dogs. We made a b-line for them and treated the situation as if they had just been invited to opening night of Wicked. We invited them, and they were a little hesitant about attending. However, like we always do before we leave someone, we ask if we can help do their dishes or weed their garden. Carole turns to Sister Steel, puts her hand on her shoulder and yells, “You can weed?! GOD IS REAL!” Now, I’m sure that was a second-nature reaction to her fun personality that we had just now seen, but the second part of that I really wanted to emphasize with her. We both jumped on it, “YES! God is real! He listens to your prayers, and He has sent us to you to help you with whatever you need!” I really felt like Joseph Smith in the new Restoration movie, when a woman walks up to him and tells him she doesn’t like his religion, but she appreciates his service. All Joseph says is, “Well, I’d say that is our religion, ma’am.” It was a wonderful teaching opportunity, expecially when she said she had been praying for something to come help her weed her garden. Just because we have a few minutes, doesn’t mean we can’t do any work. We scraped some time, and found an hour to go on Friday. She ended up feeding us after, and we ended up teaching her the Restoration and half of the Plan of Salvation. Not too interested yet, but the key word there is: yet. 🙂


Exercise update: thanks to mom, P90X arrived this week! I’ve gone for a whole month without it, since Sister Johnson stayed in Brockport! However, Sister Steel and I have been waking up at 5:50 a.m. to run to one of the inner-city high school tracks. It’s nice to have a full hour each morning (well, about five days a week) to compensate how much we get fed. I don’t think it’s still enough, but I’ll worry about that later!


All I want to do is take a nap, but I’ll get that when I have time…like in October. It’s such a happy tired, but it’s making the time go by way too fast. I do want to mention that I’ve been studying the modern version of the “Wheat and the Tares” parable, and I’ve made a list of “Satan mimicks” that we have in our world today. Some include: fasting/anorexia, tithing/gambling, and to “get rid” of your pain, sacrament/alcohol. I’d encourage you to think of more, because it has increased my vision of how wicked Satan has made out the world to be, and on the same token, how real God is. (Thanks to Carole!) He wants to see us succeed, and He is “thrilled” to what you’ve turned out to be. Now, keep going!


Hermana Hawkes

Celebrity Sightings…Part II

I now realize the phrase, “I’m humbled to meet you.”

On Wednesday for our weekly site meeting, we had Joseph Smith’s great-great granddaughter, Kim Smith, and 3rd great grandson, Brian Davis, come to the Hill Cumorah. They told us of their conversion stories, how they came to realize the importance of their grandfather, and what they had heard of him throughout their lives. They sang a couple of songs they wrote, one called “Willow,” based on a tree Emma used to pray near, and another one, “Serenity Blue,” describing the prophet Joseph’s eyes, and what was seen through them.  I’m pretty sure no one’s eyes were dry the whole hour.

The next day, we had shift number two at the Joseph Smith Farm…since I have come back to the sites. We all couldn’t wait to talk about what we learned the night before! As we were talking, a car pulled up, and lo and behold…it was Kim and Brian! Guess who’s turn it was to take a tour. MINE. However, I quickly realized that I wasn’t the one who would be giving the tour.  Ha. Anyway, we greeted them at the door–more excitedly than we did last week with the lead singer of The Killers might I add–and I re-introduced myself to them. She remembered I was from Centerville, and immediately asked about me, how my mission was going, and what I had planned after. Hello, I didn’t want to talk about me, I wanted to talk about them! So I quickly answered the questions and jumped into shooting my questions in the opposite direction. As they were talking, I noticed the pictures of Joseph and Emma so perfectly framed right next to their faces in the background, and couldn’t help but see Joseph’s blue eyes and wavy blonde hair in Brian. We are talking exact DNA people. So, “their” tour started by going into the humble log home, and her telling me what she knew from what was passed down from her fathers. Kim and Brian were two of 80 direct descendants of Joseph Smith that are actually baptized into the church, and 200 in-direct…with marriages and everything. Horror stories have been told more times than she’s wanted to hear, and she knew there had to be something positive about her grandfather. As we were standing in the same space where Joseph formulated the million-dollar question, little old me got to be the one who got to hear them the behind-the-scenes of the consequences of abuse in his posterity.

We eventually made our way to the Frame Home, expecting to spend just a couple of minutes there for them to take a few pictures. We walked in and Kim said, “How much time do you have, Sister Hawkes?” “You tell me,” I said. “Sit down, let’s talk.” I asked her question after question of the character of Joseph, the moment she became truly converted, and how they’ve been missionaries to her family. From growing up, she heard horrific stories all about the “Utah Mormons” and the “Brighamites,” and was basically forbidden to go to Utah. Kim knew they weren’t true by the power of the Holy Ghost, that had come into her life at an early age. She was always taught from her mother, “the Holy Ghost trumps everything.” So, she decided to always follow Him, and never listen to what anyone else says. Since then, she’s always poured out her heart to the Savior, and she’s never said no to a prompting–because she knows exactly where it comes from. After half an hour of an uninterrupted quizzing session, we took a slow walk back to the parking lot on Stafford Road. I walked right in between the two as they continued to tell me stories…including how the missionary discussions they took at Meryl Osmond’s home went. (I couldn’t help but think how intimidated those poor sister missionaries were.) On the third discussion she knew she needed to be baptized. About the members of the church, she said, “there was something in those people that I couldn’t deny, and that was the Holy Ghost.” Kim was baptized June 7, 1998, and her son, Brian was baptized a year later. Right at the end of our visit, she said they would love to come do a fireside in Centerville when I return home. I gave her my e-mail address, and planned to set it up! (Mom, I think I’m going to turn that over to you for now.) We’ll make sure you all know when that’s going to happen!

Basically, that’s been the highlight of my week so far…if not my whole mission! Luckily I’ve had many highlights, and many experiences that turn me closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ. Every experience that I have as a servant of the Lord gets me closer to Him. It doesn’t matter how “famous” these people are. If I meet them on the streets of Rochester, and I put a smile on their face–that’s really all I care about. All of those combined make up the “highlights” of my mission. More often that not, it’s entertaining to see how that smile actually got there in the first place, but regardless, it’s a blessing. Anyway, we found three more investigators this week, and we’re teaching two tonight and another one on Thursday. They look promising, and I’m really excited!

It’s been another beautiful, rainy week in Upstate New York, and I’m so happy to still be wearing this nametag.


Hermana Hawkes

Fruit of My Labors

 Where do I start…
Sunday was the tip of the iceberg for me this week…Steph gave her first talk in Sacrament Meeting! We had a missionary from our ward come home from Thiland, so the bishopric first had Steph tell her conversion story, then a re-activated member explain why and how he came back to church, followed up by this missionary that told our side of the Lord’s work. It was one of the most spirit-filled sacrament meetings I’ve been to, I think just because I saw Steph’s testimony grow from the beginning. When she got up, she told the congregation simply how happy she was that she had multiple friends throughout her life who had the gospel, who always invited her to come to church. It wasn’t until December when she she met the “ladies with the nametags at church every week,” and she decided she wanted to follow her heart. Her simple testimony was enough to make everyone want to drop everything and invite their neighborhood to church: “It’s just this happiness inside–you know you’re doing what’s right. The gospel changes lives.” That’s what you call seeing the fruit of your labors.
I got a trainer call last night, which means that I’m going back to the sites to flush train next week—a new area with a new companion. She’s going to absolutely love this mission, and I can’t wait to show it to her! But…I’m really going to miss this ward. Apparently in seminary this week, the seminary teacher had the class guess the missionaries love languages. (We had dinner at their home and took a test…not the generic one, but one that had just three: visual, touch, and talk.) When Brother Griffiths asked the class what mine was, all of them jumped up and said, “OOO! SHE HAS TO BE TALK!” It was funny…they were spot on. I was 6–visual, 17–talk, and 4–touch. Ha! It was funny…and a little bit (a lot) heartwarming that the young men/young women knew me so well. We’ve spent a lot of time with the ward getting to know them and their families the past six months, and it really pays off when we get people like Anne and Steph into the water. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything in my life so bittersweet as leaving Brockport and then going back to the gorgeous historical sites in upstate New York. My heart is literally split in two. So many people to love in so little time.
This weekend, however, Sister Johnson and I did get a little get-a-way to the sites. We took another member that had just recently come back to church since she was baptized in 1988, and showed her around all four of the sites. We spent all day with her, and the one-on-one time was just what she needed to keep pursuing that temple recommend. That is one of the huge perks about serving in the NYRM, we get to take investigators, new members, and less-active members to our favorite places to strengthen their testimony. We get to show them the Restoration first hand, and let them feel the original spirit that has been their constantly since the miraculous First Vision in 1820. The next day we scheduled our temple day, which happened to be the same day as we had planned to do weekly planning. We decided to get up early and save our studies to do on top of the Hill Cumorah. While we were up there, Sister Johnson and I met the most wonderful couple from the Southern Tier who had never been to the sites before. They were just driving past the Hill, noticed a tall gold man on top of it, and decided they needed to stop. What a great choice they made! They had the Restoration taught to them in the Visitors’ Center by the sisters, but then came up to the top. We happened to be reading the last few chapters of Mormon which describes the battle scenes that took place on the very ground we were sitting, and we got to testify to them the sacredness of the spot. That was the first time I ever got to teach while looking out over what used to be the Nephite and Lamanite lands. Of course I’ve taught on the Hill before (see any email about the Pageant), but this was literally…on the top. Mormon 8:16 popped into my mind, “And blessed be he that shall bring this thing to light; for it shall be brought out of darkness unto light, according to the word of God; yeah it shall be brought forth out of the earth, and it shall shine forth out of darkness, and come unto the knowledge of the people; and it shall be done by the power of God.” I know for a fact that I was not just called to western New York, but I was specifically called to the Cradle of the Restoration. If that would have been in Kansas, I would have been sent to Kansas. If it would have been in Florida, I would have been sent to Florida. I am so humbled at the fact that the Lord will allow me to lift up my voice on the very ground this is taking place, not only to bless my life, but to bless the lives of those who have no idea the happiness that they could have.
Other than that, we’ve done tons of service projects this week again. We have even more planned for this week! (I promise I’m not just trying to get out of wearing a skirt all day.)


Hermana Hawkes