Faith Into Action



“I wanted to put my excitement and my faith in Jesus Christ into action. When I played football, I thought in terms of game plans. There was no question going into a contest that if our team was prepared with the right plays, we were going to be successful. However, I recently spoke with BYU’s legendary coach LaVell Edwards about our game plans, and he said, ‘I didn’t care what play you called just as long as we scored a touchdown! …Since we are all on the Lord’s team, do we each have our own winning game plan? Are we ready to play?'”

-Elder S. Gifford Nielsen, October 2013 General Conference




One thought on “Faith Into Action

  1. Tonight, October 9, my husband and I sat at the table with Elder Gifford Nielsen where the wonderful charity Cause For Hope was hosting a Gala in honor of Ellis Ivory and Elder and Sister Russell Ballard. I told him that his talk was one of the most inspiring messages of the Conference, and very easy to listen to because of his delivery and expression of love and as if he were talking to you individually. Yes, we need a game plan–each of us.

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