“Serving as a full-time mission president makes me feel somewhat like an army field commander…from the front lines to report on conditions of the war to the commander in chief, joint chiefs of staff, and other general officers. The war is not a hot one where there are guns and armaments; but the struggle between the forces of righteousness and of evil for the souls of our Heavenly Father’s children is intense, and the conflict is very real.”
-Russell Nelson, Jr.

President and Sister Christianson have been incredible leaders of our army in Western New York for three years now. They both have taught me, through their examples, that Christ always has a Plan for each of us. President Christianson especially has given me the knowledge that I have a specific purpose here in life. He taught me that I was saved through the ages to come here to Rochester, right now, to bring His children a light they otherwise could not have received. Even though they had hundreds of other “kids” here in New York, they will forever be on the same playing field as my own earthly parents and grandparents. I will miss you!


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