Celebrity Sightings

ImageIt’s been quite an eventful week, considering the title of this e-mail! After taking my best friend Reb’s brother, sister-in-law and nephew on my first tour at the Joseph Smith Farm (after full-proselyting 6 months) I walked into the Welcome Center to hear, “BRANDON FLOWERS IS IN THE SACRED GROVE!” If you don’t know who he is…just google him. He’s basically the equivalent to the Backstreet Boys for sister missionaries. So, that was exciting. We got a picture with him, and it’s on my facebook if any of you would like to see. So, I got to see “home” celebrities (if you will), and “worldly” celebrities within minutes of each other!
We also had more time in our area than I thought this week! We did lots of street contacting, less-active hunting, potential investigating, and my personal favorite…tracting into members. We came across a house with a mini-van and thought to ourselves, “these guys need to be Mormon.” So, we knocked. A beautiful woman came to the door and said, “Sisters! Come on in!” I’m still not used to hearing that…ever…so Hermana Steel and I looked at each other with huge smiles when she turned around to pick up her daughter. She told us to sit down and that she was excited to have us there. For about five minutes, we thought we had her in the bag..then she dropped the “nursery” line that gave it away…so awkward for us, but thankfully she didn’t recognize it. Being new in the ward/area has it’s pros and cons, of course. However, investigating more into the situation, she is a returned missionary and has wanted her daughters to go out teaching with us. It was perfect! Awkward can turn into inspiration!
Right after that little episode, we went across the street to a woman named Tracey who hadn’t been to Church in years. We walked up to her porch and caught her lighting a cigarette. “Of course the missionaries would walk up right now,” she said. We laughed, introduced ourselves, encouraged her to remember the feeling she felt at the time of her baptism, and shared some scriptures from the Book of Mormon. After talking a few minutes, her husband, Bob, walked out. He was a huge man–looked almost like an NFL linebacker, but he greeted us very politely and then went on to say that every devout Mormon he knew was true to everything in their life, they weren’t just a “Sunday Christian,” and he was extremely impressed. He’s not a member, so I asked him if we could teach him more about the restored gospel, so he could feel the same thing in his life. “I’m a tough egg to crack,” he said. I answered him with “Will you give us a chance? All we need is just this much,” holding up my fingers. He smiled, and Bob and Tracey agreed to us coming back on Friday to teach them how to put full and complete trust in their Heavenly Father.
Well, I wish I could tell story after story, even the story of what happened yesterday when we got a new Spanish investigator, (!!) but unfortunately we have limited time on the computers we’re using today. Then, we’re going up to the shore of Lake Ontario to have lunch for one of the Elder’s birthdays. New York seriously is breathtaking, and everyday I feel like I’m walking into a painting. I’ll leave you will one thing that has extremely helped me this week:
“[Satan] will try to ruin your goodness and abilities by exploiting your weaknesses. Stay on the Lord’s side, and you will win every time.” -Elder Richard G. Scott
Hermana Hawkes

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