Transfers, Studies, and More Yard Work

Waiting for transfer calls is almost the same as being in high school again, waiting to find out who is going to ask you to the dance. It’s freaky. I have no idea where I’m going to be starting tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully we get the call while I write this e-mail, because that would be highly entertaining. I guess you’re just going to have to read the rest to find out where I’m going…


This week has been a total roller coaster for the two of us. We have been so busy while putting emotion into everything, and with the job that we have to do–you never know what’s going to happen. Elder Bednar put it perfectly, “Do everything in your power, and expect nothing in return.” Well, that describes this week perfectly. We’ve had good days and bad days, but thankfully at the end of the day we always help each other back on track. I know (as sure as I know my favorite color is green) that Sister Johnson was sent here to be my companion. She has taught me so much about who I am and who I need to be, not only for my investigators and the people I meet, but for my future family. She has a heart of gold that no one could put a price on. I’m so grateful I got to spend two transfers together with one of my best friends.


I’m sorry this letter is and will be incredibly boring, as it already is. I don’t have much time, because I’ve got a lot to do today with packing and everything. We haven’t done anything of note except for going house to house, and yard work…plus more yard work. Who knew I would love doing that stuff? But once I get back to the sites, I promise to have more fun, random, interesting, incredibly spiritual stories…those always happen at the sites. 🙂 But recently in my personal study, I have been putting together a map of the kingdom of Israel, and on the back, a chart of the Book of Mormon. It’s pretty intense…seriously. The coolest thing I realized was that only the true church would be able to fit all of those things together…in order. I have no problem seeing who got their priesthood from who, and it always follows back to our Savior, Jesus Christ. There is no guessing what happened when, and evidence is everywhere to prove it.


Yesterday in Fast and Testimony meeting, we got to hear a ton of members in the ward talk about their missionary experiences. Many shared their conversion stories, and some shared recent events that happened this past week. Again, we have been doing yard work almost every day this week, so it was a great opportunity to talk to them about their own missionary work. A woman got up and told the congregation that while we were helping her on Friday, her neighbor was watching us and wondering who these kids were just…helping. It gave her the perfect opportunity to re-tell her about who the missionaries are after she had been taking the lessons with her mom–who had passed away while they were learning. The woman in our ward asked for a Book of Mormon to give her, and then asked her neighbor if we could all come over and help her with her yard work. She burst into tears and told her that is exactly what she needed, and that she had been praying for someone to ask. It was another great “fruit of my labors” moment. All I did was follow the Spirit on when we needed to get to work, and just DID IT. I didn’t know I was following the Spirit until I looked. That always seems to happen to me…


Well, in two months from yesterday, the Hill Cumorah Pageant cast arrives and I seriously couldn’t be more excited. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for anything…maybe except for the morning I was going to the MTC. I think I could have ran faster to Provo than how slow we were driving! Same thing with the airplane to New York…and now I just want to stay here forever. I have so many moments I want to bottle up and keep in my pocket. Fortunately, the good times keep on coming. I’m going to do my best to continue to finish out my mission strong, and then once I return home in a few short months, I will treat my mission as a personal spiritual incubator for the rest of my life. A mission is training for the real world, and I know once the time comes, I’ll be ready to take it on and keep my steep incline towards Him. But for now, I love just living in the present. It’s the best miracle, blessing…whatever you want to call it…I was BORN to do missionary work. I have never been so in my element. Every night, I re-dedicate my whole life to Him…to do whatever He wants me to do. I follow the happiness, that’s really all you can do. There’s no other option. I love my job. (I think I should just adopt that as my new catch phrase. How many years have I been daily saying that now?)


As you can tell, transfer calls haven’t come yet. We got word from the AP’s that they won’t come for another half an hour, so I guess you’ll have to wait to find out next week where I’m going! Unless you’re friends with my mission facebook, then you’ll probably know asap. 🙂 Your guess is as good as mine; I think if I just throw a dart on the map of New York that’s where I’ll go. I love you all, and thanks for everything!
Oh, and Happy Birthday, Dad! You’re now 51 years young! I hope you enjoyed your fresh New York maple syrup. 🙂
Hermana Hawkes

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