What would you do for the truth?

For some reason, when I get to a doorstep, I picture myself as a 5’4,” 40-year-old woman dressed in black, trying to shove Jesus down their throat. From our Specialized Training this morning on “Teach People, Not Lessons,” and “Use Time Wisely,” I had a huge revelatory experience. THAT’S NOT ME. First of all, right now I’m wearing pink and green. Second, I’m not trying to earn money, fame, glory…etc. (Well, I guess Glory–ha!) But, the only reason I’m putting myself out there is because I love Heavenly Father so much. I love Him enough to tell His children this is the truth. And if it’s stuttering over my words the first time I meet people that think I’m nuts, so be it. I thought there was a way that I could do it without being weird…nope. Not even close. I just get used to it.Pinned Image


4 thoughts on “What would you do for the truth?

  1. I have found that one of my gifts is to Evangelize, and as much as I love it and don’t feel like it’s a job. It does hurt when people think I’m crazy…That I couldn’t love God that much. It must be a put on. I admire your faith and determination and of course your insane courage 😉

    • Thank you! Yes, it is a tough job. I hope you know how many blessings you are receiving because of it. We really are Heavenly Father’s children, and He will do anything to get us what we deserve! 🙂

  2. Those experiences will continue to define you long after you have returned home and (as much as it hurt the first time) taken off the missionary badge. Because of your love for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ you will be ready to serve, stronger when times get particularly rough and have more peace than you can ever imagine. You will be blessed forever for those insane amounts of courage it takes to stand at a strangers door or meet one on the street and tell them that you are a representative of Jesus Christ. Keep it up Sister!! Many lives are changing because of what you do….most importantly your own. 🙂

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