I’m never going home.

No, not that home. Here, read this:

“You can’t go back ‘home.’ If you do, you will break my heart and the heart of God Himself. It isn’t just two years to eighteen months…I stand here at 49 years and counting. It’s never, ever over.” -Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Yes, my family’s house is back in Utah, and our Home with God is of course our ultimate destination.  But what I’m referring to in this context is “home.” It’s your comfort zone. Your retreat. Thanks to dictionary.com, the actual definition is, “the place or region where something is native or most common.” Now, as a missionaries, do we ever go back to something that is native or most common? No way. We’re completely out of our element, teaching something we don’t really know enough about, and somehow, the Lord qualifies us all to make it all work together.

There’s something extremely both nerve-wracking and comforting in the fact that once we sign up for missionary service, we don’t have the option to retreat. But, just because you don’t have a companion, doesn’t mean you’ve escaped your duty either. This isn’t the Hunger Games. As Elder Holland continues to say, “Your nametag does not qualify you as a missionary.” Every person baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sign themself up for missionary service.  We aren’t on neutral ground anymore. We promised to dedicate our lives to build the Kingdom of God here on the earth. It’s something that is really happening, whether you realize it or not. But, the best part is that you’re safe. You’re safe, of course, if you’re on His team. A coach knows that he always keeps his best players ready to go at all times. He’ll do anything to keep them playing…if they’re willing to take his orders at practice. In effect, God always keeps His missionaries at top notch and closest to His heart. Keep going, you can do it. Because then, you’ll be on home plate forever.


Study Series: The Power of the Priesthood

Let’s see if I can accurately put into words how much I’ve learned about this subject lately.

Being a full-proselyting sister (not currently working at the sites) we’re surrounded by only Elders.  It has motivated me to study their calling in great detail. As you can imagine, having the Kingdom of God on speed-dial is pretty great. Yes, the Kingdom of God on Earth is the priesthood. I know that is true, because I can feel it at Zone Conferences, District Meetings, while receiving blessings, and even stuff as little as playing basketball at the stake center on P-days.

The “Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ” is to restore the proper authority straight from Jesus Christ back on the earth. Joseph Smith said, “That priesthood is a perfect law of theocracy…it is no other than the Priesthood of the Son of God Himself…It is a channel through which all knowledge, doctrine, the Plan of Salvation, and every important matter is revealed from Heaven.” What does a baptism mean if your clergy just woke up that morning and decided he had power to baptize you? The whole idea of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is to let the faithful, worthy men be called, by God, to bear His authority. They do not give the honor to themselves. It is a process by which the Lord has promised blessings to those who strive to live worthy.

The phrase, “Many are called, but few are chosen,” keeps ringing in my ear. Especially after personally hearing Elder Bednar speak recently, I noticed how much he must make himself available to the Spirit at all times. In Jesus the Christ, James E. Talmage says, “Their inner natues, not their outward accomplishments, were taken into prime account in the Lord’s choosing.” The Lord can’t choose anyone who won’t give themselves up completely. Even before they were chosen, they had to become close disciples of the Lord. They had to openly confess Jesus Christ was the Son of God, with a sincere desire to serve. They physically could not be chosen unless they first dedicated themselves to His work.

Biblical apostles have spent time stating some of the duties and direct blessings of the priesthood–when these men fulfill their callings. If they are willing and ready to “feed the flock of God which is among [them,]” they will “receive a crown of glory that will never fade” (1 Peter 5.) If they are “true, honest, chaste, just, and pure,” they will be promised that “the God of peace shall be with [them].” (Phil 4.) If they “fight the good fight of faith…and lay hold on eternal life,” they will have “charge in the sight of God,” and a good foundation for the future. (1 Timothy 6.)

Now, keep in mind, that men aren’t the only one who have to fulfill these duties. Our job as women is to magnify what they’ve been given. For example, in order for me to access the atonement, I need to go through the priesthood. Joseph Smith said, it is a “channel through which…all important matter is revealed from heaven.” We have been created equally in order to fill every measure of the creation God has intended. God would never create anything without giving it the chance to receive all blessings He’s promised. Different talents in different people make up what we need to become gods ourselves. We each can’t pass “GO” and collect $200, unless we have the other side that balances it out. That means we all have to expand each talent we have been given so they will work together properly.

Okay, this isn’t even half of what I have learned. I hope you’ll all go study it and find some more duties and direct blessings the priesthood can receive. Having a dad, a brother, and best friends who hold the priesthood not only makes my life easier, but it makes it much more peaceful. And having peace in this insane world of ours…only comes from the One who gave it to us in the first place.

“He died. He is not dead.”

That’s the “sum up” quote from Elder Bednar yesterday at Stake Conference. Am I on a spiritual high? Yes. As you can imagine, the whole eighteen months for a missionary is a spiritual high. But then when you get days like yesterday, with an Apostle, you don’t go just to the moon–you go straight to Kolob.
It was an incredibly eventful week, to say the least. I’ll start you out at the beginning. On Tuesday, we helped Crystal again with her home. We organized a lot of her bills, and helped her get rid of things she really needed. I wanted to give you an update on her closing prayer, because last week’s was just as good. This time, it was, “Please bless Sister Hawkes and Sister Johnson to get someone extra special, with a beautiful ring, and a beautiful home. And thank you to their families who love them enough to share them with me.” How cute is that? She keeps asking if she can adopt us–simply because of the feeling that she has when we are around her. We told her about Stake Conference, and was so excited to come. She got to hear and understand an apostle of the Lord speak to her personally for the first time. I have no doubt that if she was the only reason I was sent to Brockport, I’d still have been sent here. 
Wednesday was Specialized Training with President and Sister Christianson. We had an incredible discussion on Preach My Gospel Chapter Four–Recognizing the Spirit. It really came in handy for Sunday’s events. I recorded it on my little device, so Mom, I’ll be sending it your way soon. It’s pretty incredible. That’s really all I have time to say about that.
Thursday was the first day of Spring. It was a blizzard…of course. What do you expect? We visited a few less-actives and our investigator, Maria. (The one we helped wrap Christmas gifts with.) She’s come to church a couple of times since then, but something hasn’t clicked yet in her to actually get in the water. She knows that; she told us. At church, I even told her that she needs to be baptized already before I leave the area, simply because it’s going to be a real hassle for me to come back from anywhere else! She laughed–she’s got a great sense of humor. It also doesn’t hurt that her laugh is contageous…she’s probably one of the funniest people I’ve met on my mission. So random, and so…New York. 🙂 Anyway, we stopped in and taught her about living prophets and apostles, and the importance of Elder Bednar coming on Sunday. It was a wonderful, spiritual lesson, until the end when she asked me where I was going to school:
Me: “I’m going to BYU.”
Maria: “BYOB…bring your own booze?”
Me: “No! Brigham Young University!”
Maria: “Oh…bring ’em young? Wow, you just get going as fast as you can!”
Me: “NO! It’s a college! In Utah!”
Now…to the weekend. We had prepared more spiritually for this conference than I think I ever have in my life. We had companion studies around it, personal studies around it, and Sister Johnson and I helped each other think of questions for the Lord to answer through Elder Bednar. Sunday rolled around, and we arrived at the Westfall chapel at 7:30. We got 2nd row seats…front row was available, but it was just a little too close! We needed to see the whites of his eyes, people. But when he walked in at 10 a.m., a brick wall of Spirit just hit everyone. It was completely obvious to everyone (member or non-member) that this man was sent straight from Christ Himself. In his talk, Elder Bednar taught the first discussion. Yes, he taught the first discussion. Do you know how many times I hear/speak/listen to that? Out of everything he could have talked about…all of the doctrine, knowledge, apostolic insights he could have given…he taught the Restoration–in the most simple terms I’ve ever heard. I realized that our investigators get the best of the best when they hear the first lesson being taught. I also recorded that, too, Mom. As expected, all of our questions were addressed and answered.
After the conference was when I actually saw firsthand what Elder Bednar was talking about. I was introduced to a man who was so put together, clean cut, and obviously had the light of Christ. I didn’t know until he told me, that two weeks prior to that, he had long hair, earrings, and didn’t really care about anything spiritual at all. But something in what the sister missionary said one night at a member’s home, after many missionaries coming through, just clicked. He took his earrings out, cut his hair, and prepared for the coming Sabbath day. I couldn’t help but notice the two empty holes in his ears, and realized the two holes that Christ had in His hands saved every single one of us. He wouldn’t have done any less if it were just for that one man. The holes in his ears will eventually go away, but the way he used the Atonement will forever change his life. It was a huge eye-opener for me to realize there are unique, individual ways every person uses what has been given to all of us. As long as we use it, it will clear anything and everything.
There is so much more that has happened this week that I wish I could write in this email, but I’m afraid if it’s too long, you will get bored. I’d totally love to go through my mission journal with whoever wants to when I get home, though. I write anything and everything in that book–it’s one of the greatest resources a missionary has. A journal is the best counselor and teacher, because it allows the Spirit to teach you things while you’re thinking it out in your head. I’m a huge fan of journal writing.
Thank you all for the support–oh, and transfer calls came last night. I shockingly get to keep Sister Johnson another transfer in Brockport! President always keeps us guessing on these things. I am so relieved. I know I would have been fine with anyone anywhere, but her and I really have a strong companionship and I love being with her. Have a great week!
Hermana Hawkes

Mountains of Service

Everyone really needs to try the whole “having a birthday on a mission” thing. Especially serving in this mission–I’m a fan. Why this mission, you ask?

District Meetings are usually on Thursdays, and my birthday just happened to fall on that day this year. We decided to have our “meeting” that day at the Palmyra temple, and then, one of the elders had the genius idea to go across the street into the Sacred Grove right after. I really don’t know how anyone could get a better birthday than that, with so many people I love surrounding me. That seems to always happen on my birthday, being surrounded by people I love, but this year–it was different. I had people around me who worked hard to love God more than they loved me or anyone else…and that’s what made the change. As you can imagine, I got some personal one-on-one time with my Father in the Celestial room that day. I had some pretty incredible realizations about what I’m doing here, and what else I need to do before my time is up in Rochester. You know, when you ask, and seriously want an answer…He will answer you. You just have to “go to a mountain,” just like Nephi and other prophets have done, and just ask. Whether that mountain be in your closet or your kitchen, just try it. I promise that His will in fact will be revealed to you eventually if you are on His side and listening. That mountain you’ve worked really hard to get on will, in turn, help you realize what you need to be doing. It will tweek your life just a bit to be perfectly aligned with God’s Plan.
Anyway, I also attached a picture of me and my lovely birthday cake at our lunch at Sister Trimm’s right after; she knows how to make some pretty great Mexican food! She threw a great party for me…even though it was totally not necessary. All I wanted to do was to be with everyone! It doesn’t stop there–that night, we had a “Mormon Mythbusters” presentation at the SUNY at Brockport with the Elders. It went really well, considering we had a bunch of college students asking us every question in the book. We did, at first, present the basic overview of our beliefs, and then like I said, had a great question and answer session. The whole goal of the night was to get them to think Mormon missionaries aren’t weird, and I think we did a pretty good job getting the point across.
Before I get into the rest of my e-mail, CONGRATS TO SISTER HAWKES THE SECOND! My sister, Nicole, got her mission call to the Washington D.C. South mission, leaving June 26th. Since my mission president is the man, he let me call in to hear her open the letter. I can’t believe how huge of a moment that was for my family. I’ll serve with her for four months, until I return home. She’ll carry the mantle for us until Sarah gets her call!
In other news, Sister Johnson has really been sick. Like I told you before, she was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, and we’re working on repairing all the damage done now from the gluten she ate–before we found out. It will take awhile, which means we won’t be able to eat at member’s homes until she’s back on her feet. It’s okay though, because we are still eating super darn healthy! The members of our ward have been incredible in supporting us, while we can’t really do our job to support them right now. It’s incredible how the gospel goes both ways. I’m extremely impressed at how the members respond in helping anyone in crisis–even if they don’t know her too well right now.
One thing we have gotten to do this week was to help Crystal get ready for her upcoming cleaning checks in her apartment. (Remember her–the one I gave a makeover to in my first week here in Brockport?) She’s been coming to church each week since then, and her testimony has been multiplied by infinity. We’ve gone over almost every week for a couple hours to pick up things that she really can’t, and to get in those little corners that no one wants to do. After our last cleaning escapade at her house, she conversed with our Heavenly Father in a prayer that I’ve never heard said so realistically before. To Him, she said, “I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church…because of what these girls are doing to my home. They are actually doing something, instead of just telling other people what they want to hear.” That’s a huge thing we do as missionaries–simply just serving people. We don’t care if they are members or non-members…all we care about is inviting other people to come closer to Jesus Christ. All we do to accomplish that is do exactly what He would do at every step of the way.
The last random thing: we re-strung the mission violin, and I had an incredible time playing around on it last night! I am absolutely in shock at how quickly songs and fingerings came back to me. Hopefully I’ll get to perform something soon. I really want to do “Joseph Smith’s First Prayer” in our May Zone Conference…in the Grove. (Yeah…I know!) I think the Zone Leaders might be sick of me performing, but we’ll see if I can talk them into it.
Thanks to each and every one of you for your support. Even just reading this e-mail helps me, because it (hopefully) helps you to get closer to Christ. That’s the goal! Think of something you can do each day to further your belief and someone else’s belief in Him. I promise it will give you more strength to go throughout each day. Look for them, and He will help you see them. I love you all, and have a great week!
Hermana Hawkes
Birthday cake done by Sister Trimm!

Birthday cake done by Sister Trimm!

My trainer, Sister Correia, celebrated my birthday for me in Hawaii!

My trainer, Sister Correia, celebrated my birthday for me in Hawaii!

And the front view...

And the front view…

On our way to Palmyra

On our way to Palmyra.

The Ultimate Ski Instructor

My mom and dad put me on skis when I was just a one-year old. My dad was super into the whole “start ’em when they’re young” thing…don’t ask…I have no idea why. Obviously they wouldn’t try it again until I was a bit older, which turned out to be of the earilest memories I’ve had. I was five years old, and my mom had a shoot with ESPN at Snowbird Ski Resort in Utah. I needed a babysitter for the weekend–which turned out to be getting stuck in private lessons from Heather, a young ski instructor. Now, think of it from my little girl perspective: my mom and dad totally ditched me with this woman I’ve never met, I had these long boards attached to my feet (which kept slipping from underneath me,) and not to mention I was absolutely freezing. Heather was so incredibly patient with me, trying to make me have actually have fun and learn something while I was miserable.

For the whole weekend, I had her to myself. Heather stayed right next to me, picked me up when I fell down, and gave me compliments left and right. She praised me on my effort, and not actually how I was skiing (because it was horrific.) She didn’t do it for her, she did it for me. She didn’t ski for me either; please–she had her own skis on.

Seventeen years later, knowing what I know now…that day changed my life. I was so small–and so young–in comparison to Heather. She knew way more than I knew about the sport, but loved me enough to spend one-on-one time with me. She taught me that those boards on my feet were not supposed to make me fall, but in reality, to help me strengthen my own legs and help me go even faster than regular running shoes–that I thought would be just fine to put on for the rest of my life.

For the next few years, I actually started to like to ski. We went skiing as a family almost every weekend, which were just good little joy-rides down the canyon. Over time, I tried to take more jumps and paths, and learned that the more time I spent crashing and falling, were the times that I learned how to get back up and ski even better and harder. Up until my senior year, I thought that’s pretty much how far you could enjoy skiing, just little side jumps and little trails through trees. Wow–how wrong I was. That last year of high school, my friends and I decided to grab a bunch of us and call ourselves the “ski club.” (We didn’t really have one, but the T-shirts made it official.) Weekly, we went up to The Canyons and went straight to the lift that literally had “EXPERTS ONLY” written at the bottom: 99’90. At first, my thought process was this, “Are you kidding me? I can’t do this. I like those blue squares. Can we go back to that?” But was I going to say that to my friends? Absolutely not. I just went with it. I learned how to suck it up, and started to really love it. After that year, I couldn’t just go on the paved runs anymore; it had to be pure, deep powder, or I didn’t learn a thing. I never get that rush of adrenaline if I didn’t push myself, which was the whole reason I went skiing in the first place.

I wish I could tell Heather now how much this sport has influenced my life. Not only have I become physically stronger from doing it, but from the relationships I’ve gained on the way. It takes a lot from learning how to actually get up on the mountain and put those skis on, to going all the way to learn how much my Heavenly Father throws us in situations. It doesn’t only guide me, it changes my perspective on just plain hard times. There is never a day when God leaves you in the dust. It might feel like it–only because we’re too young and inexperienced to understand what He’s doing. Just trust Him. He’s the ultimate ski instructor.

Study Series: The Determining Factor of Happiness

“Happiness is the object and design of our existence.” – Joseph Smith

Why would God put us on earth to be miserable if our whole purpose was to “come off conquerers?” (D&C 10:5)  There’s got to be some joy in here somewhere. I am one of the biggest advocates you’ll ever find for gaiting and maintaining a good attitude. From my findings throughout my 21–22 tomorrow–years of life, sometimes it’s really hard to just suck it up and be happy. It takes a long process to overcome any depression, sadness, or confusion. But as long as you’re sincerely putting the Lord first, you’ll be happy. The Lord proves it. “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” (Matthew 6:22.) He doesn’t tell us when, He only promises us it will happen.

We’ll start from the very beginning. I’ve never had clinical depression, but from what I hear it is horrific. For this post only, I’m sharing what prophets, apostles, and Christ Himself have said about happiness in general. I hope and pray that whatever works for those with depression realize the most happiness you’ll be able to find in this life. There are many things in our lives that we’ll never be able to overcome ourselves. That is why Christ gave us the gift of the Atonement. Let me repeat: He doesn’t tell us when, He only promises it will happen…eventually.

Now that that is out of the way, and you actually want to keep reading to what I want to say, here goes. Happiness is conditional. Conditional on your work, your effort, and the relationships you made along the way. Happiness does not–let me repeat–does not depend on the outcome. Believe me, I have failed plenty of times in my life. In fact, I’m on my mission because I’ve failed at many different things. So…does that mean my mission is a failure? No. My failures determine my successes. It’s the same with every human being. So what is happiness? As James E. Talmage puts it in Jesus the Christ, “True happiness is lived over and over again in memory, always with a renewal of the original good.” So basically, if it’s manufactured, it’s probably not happiness. Happiness is everlasting, and pleasure is only temporary. We’re going for everlasting here, you know…the whole enduring to the end thing? That’s the goal.

So, how do you actually get happiness? You’re probably still reading  because you know that there is more out there, but don’t know how to get it. Satan wants you to think there isn’t any out there, and if there is, you don’t deserve it. Ew, he is so annoying. I think I found a couple of things from Lorenzo Snow that will punch the lights out of him (hehe):  “When you find yourselves a little gloomy, look around you and find somebody that is in a worse plight than yourself; go to him and find out what the trouble is, then try to remove it with the wisdom which the Lord bestows upon you; and the first thing you know, your gloom is gone…and everything seems illuminated.” Wah-lah. Then President Snow goes on to say, “We have got to obtain knowledge before we obtain happiness.” The step-by-step process of getting knowledge requires a whole other blog post. That’s also something I don’t have the knowledge for yet. (Ironic?) All I can say right now–just read your scriptures. But, it’s just a little bit every day. Don’t try to do it all in one day, or it’s going to go down the drain. As my mission president says, “Every day, in every way, we get a little bit better.”

Obviously, I really like to be happy. However, I won’t realize my full happiness until beyond the grave. That’s when I get my body back with me, and everything will be…just perfect. Overall, the determining factor of happiness is your attitude. How you see, how you think, and how you act. Don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t be happy. I’m 2,000 miles away from everything I’ve ever known, I get made fun of on a daily basis, I just found out yesterday that I won’t see my own little sister for two more years–and I’m pretty sure I’m the happiest person on the planet…and it’s not just because of chance. “But what things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ.” (Phillipians 3:7) In otherwords, the scoreboard should always be at Sister Hawkes: 0; Christ: 1. It’s because I’m not Monica anymore, I’m a servant of the Lord.

The Easiest Commandment?

My personal study has been pretty epic lately. Not that it hasn’t before, but things that have happened throughout the week have been magnified by the personal study that I’ve been doing. I know, I know, that’s what the goal is, but seriously. This has been incredible. Two major things I’ve studied: the power of the priesthood, and the ten commandments. Overall, the priesthood is literally the Kingdom of God on earth, and the ten commandments, while attatched to priesthood power, are not as easy as some people think.
Oh my goodness, I forgot to tell you guys. Let me start with saying that we have a celebrity in our district. (No, David Archuleta is in Chile.) Elder Smith is the grandson of the first missionary, Samuel Smith…brothers to Joseph Smith. Considering the location of our mission, how cool is that?! He’s a fantastic missionary, and very humble about it. District meeting this week with all of them was absolutely incredible. For the past week, all of us have studied the Atonement in depth to share with everyone. We all taught each other with different angles on how the atonement has worked for them personally. The best part was when each of us was done and all basically in tears, and we surrounded the piano singing, “I Stand All Amazed,” while I accompanied. Each missionary in my district has had something incredibly hard happen to them, so thinking of each of their struggles, while leaning on the same Person gives me great strength. I never realized how much I look up to those who have, for lack of a stronger word, been to hell and back, and still hold the priesthood of God. They truly are my idols. I’m surrounded by extremely young adults, being sling-shot into this world of persecution, trying to stand on their own two feet. The reality of it, is that we can’t do it all by ourselves. We all have our oldest Brother who will strengthen our legs to get up off that chair and work. For each specific priesthood holder, God has “chosen him to be a soldier.” -2 Timothy 2: 3-5. That’s why it’s so hard for them. Hello, soldiers are the ones on the front line. Also, on Sunday, we had dinner at the Trimm’s, and had the most incredible group companion study in her living room with them. Again, we talked about the atonement. The power of the combined priesthood filled the room, especially ending it with a kneeling prayer. Like I said, there is power is in the soldiers. Read 1 Corinthians 4..the whole chapter, but specifically verse 20, “For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power.” Now that is powerful…literally.
Now for the other half of my recent studies. From the beginning of time, God has told us to keep His commandments. Some are easier than others…or so we think. The typical ones like “Thou shalt not steal, bear false witness,” and especially the “easiest,” “Thou shalt not kill?” However, I figured there must be more to it than just ending someone’s life. Contrary to what the world thinks, I’m being so bold as to say it’s probably the hardest one to keep. Satan is doing a good job at wanting us to think it’s easy. Ugh, he always wants to diminish everything. He’ll do anything to make you not believe something. But with the Spirit, I came up with reasons why this one is super hard, and what God means when He says it. I think bullet points might be easier to sort out my thoughts:

  • To kill, means to “slay, smite, murder, or reject.” What do you reject that isn’t in harmony with God’s will? A calling? A new friend?
  • To kill someone’s confidence. Keep in mind, that confidence might be your own.
  • To kill a testimony. Saying or doing anything that would cause you or someone else to not believe in God.
  • To kill any love. Well, isn’t that the first and great commandment?
  • To kill the prophets. Not physically, although that is prophesied, but questioning/rejecting their teachings.
  • To kill the spirit. If we aren’t careful, any comment(s) we make can literally kill the spirit. Keep your thoughts clean.
  • To kill one’s desire or motivation. If we say one word to put that person down, we’ve completely re-done anything that Heavenly Father has worked so hard to do.

I hope you’ll study what “killing” means to you. If you put a stop to anything godly, you automatically reject Him. If God creates it–it’s alive by default. Anything that’s alive (for good reasons), we have an obligation to fuel that fire in order to further God’s work. The most important one is killing any of this in yourself; killing your confidence, desire, or motivation will allow Satan to work through you instead of Who it really needs to be. It’s either going to go one way or the other, so you might as well choose the team who is already in the lead. Let’s be honest, we’re absolutely destroying them right now. It’s cute they think they have a chance.
Speaking of playing games, and going back to trivial things, I got to play a few hours of basketball at the stake center last Monday, and we’re going again today. I AM SO EXCITED. Sister Johnson still has been pretty sick lately, and so it’s good for her to get out and just relax being surrounded by none other than…the priesthood. (Can you see how relative my study was?) Being the only sisters in the zone, it definitely has it’s perks. But basketball…yep. I can’t even wait. I need to hurry up and finish this email so we can go. Workouts are getting harder and faster in the morning…however the amount that the Brockport ward feeds us, I have no control over. As long as I just keep at it, I’m sure I’ll be fine…hopefully!
Last, and absolutely not least, we have the pleasure of Elder Bednar coming to our stake conference in two weeks! That’s no coincidence that “Book of Mormon: The Musical” is playing in Rochester right now…opposition in all things. I’m really excited to hear him speak; I’ll give you details later. I think that’s all for now. Sorry there aren’t any more stories, we’ve been recooperating a lot from the effects of Celiac! Keep her in your prayers, please. I hope you all have a great week!
Hermana Hawkes