New Mission President

We all have been dying to know who the replacement for the legendary Jack R. Christianson will be. Since it is now public knowledge, I would like to announce our new mission president, President Arthur R. Francis from California! He is a former collegiate athlete and has–are you ready for this–eight children! From what I understand, four of them will be coming. How amazing will it be for them to live and breathe missionary work in the Cradle of the Restoration before they even get to serve their own full-time mission. I’m super excited to meet him and his family.


Sister Johnson and I stayed at the mission home on Thursday night, so we got the news before the other missionaries. President Francis will only be my mission president for four months, but it will be a fantastic four months. He’ll arrive right before the Hill Cumorah Pageant. I hope I get to see him a lot, especially because of cast training! I know he is called of God to be here and take this mission to a whole new level. I’m going to miss President Christianson terribly–he has done wonders with this mission. I’ve grown a whole new love for him and his wife that I never thought possible. We do know how lucky we have been to have him as our president in the NYRM. But we know that in order to keep things progressing, things must change. People will go onto bigger and better things to help forward this gospel…”until the Great Jehovah shall say, ‘The Work is done’.”


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