Book of Mormon: Challenge Accepted.

“You’re the one in your family that came here [to the Hill Cumorah.] If you think I’m putting pressure on you–I am. We are the guardians of the story of the Restoration.”
-President Christianson

Having Zone Conference at the Hill Cumorah is probably one of the best things about serving here in Rochester, and especially under the direction of President Christianson. Yesterday, President and the Zone Leaders tore up the Book of Mormon and pounded into our young little minds how powerful this book is, right at the foot of the Hill where the Book of Mormon was born to the latter-days. The reason for this training may or may not be that The Book of Mormon: The Musical is coming to Rochester next month. In fact, he told us from now on that we need to carry a paper-back copy around with us everywhere. Not just in our backpacks like we do reguarly, but have it in our hands. We need to hold it at the grocery store, the library, walking the streets…anywhere. That way people can see the power of the book, and not wonder about it. Today as Sister Torres and I went out, we both grabbed our copies and hit the streets. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more of an invisible sheild around me in my entire life, but especially noticed how quickly something worked. President gave a promise, and the Lord followed through. Yes, the gift of the Spirit is a shield in itself, but physically–I have this power that no one can take away from me. I’m holding revelation from God right in my hands. I don’t care if people look at me weird. That’s their problem. All I care about is that one person that might see us and say, “I want what they have.” 

President expounded on the whole reason why we have two witnesses of Christ, and how important it is that we feast upon the words of Christ. (2 Nephi 32:3) We really don’t have that much information compared to everything that has been written, and everything that will be written. He even went so far as to say his least favorite scripture in the entire standard works is 3 Nephi 26:11. When one of the elders stood up to read the scripture, this is how it went…in a nutshell:

Elder: “Behold, I was about to write them…”
President: “AGGGHHHH…ABOUT TO?” (pacing back and forth)
Elder: “…all which were engraven up on the plates of Nephi…”
Elder: “…but the Lord forbade it…”
President: “WHAT?! FORBADE? GIVE ME SOME MORE!” (still pacing back and forth)
Elder: “…saying: I will try the faith of my people.”

This is coming from a man who had a (friendly) little argument with Elder Holland about who loves the Book of Mormon more. Obviously the Bible and the Book of Mormon aren’t enough, or the Lord would already be here to rule and reign. However, right now, it is enough for the faithful.  President continued to comment on when we do get more scriptural revelation in the future as soon as the world is ready, “Why do you think we have iPads? It’s not like we’re going to truck around our little red wagons with all of the scripture that we get.” God is still the same yesterday, today, and forever. Of course he’s not going to stop on March 26, 1830. Personal revelation is the key to lifting the condemnation that Nephi is speaking of. Then, when the Lord sees fit, He will give the whole world some more. Until then, I’m going to continue my feast, and show the world what the Book of Mormon means to me–by literally wearing it on my sleeve.


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