Duct Tape it to Full Throttle

This week has been one of the best weeks of my life.

Mission President interviews were on Wednesday, with some extremely exciting news!! Mom and Dad (Grandma and Grandpa too) get ready to send me some Spanish materials, because…I’M STUDYING SPANISH!! That was one of the first things he brought up. I told him in one of my letters that I take Spanish tours sometimes at the sites…and I only say about half in Spanish because I don’t know the rest. He encouraged me to start studying the language so I can communicate with more people and help them feel the spirit! It is wonderful. So, if anyone has good Spanish materials I can study, they would be much appreciated. I’ve almost got the First Vision memorized.

We planned to take our investigator, Sandee, to the Relief Society Broadcast with us. We called her a couple hours before it started, and unfortunately said she couldn’t make it. We’ve also been having a hard time finding her a ride to church. (Our area is about the size of South Salt Lake.) Sister Graham and I were so bummed, and immediately went into one of the rooms in the chapel to ask our Heavenly Father what to do. (It’s very nice to be able to go straight to the source.) I offered one of the most sincere prayers of my life, asking Him to help us know how to get her to Church, how to teach her, and how to let her know that this is important. After I was done, we just sat there, hoping to think of anything we could do. We thought of some ideas, and then opened the door to walk out. And lo and behold…our bishop is standing right there! Sister Graham and I both just look up and smile. He was probably caught way off guard because we were ecstatic to see him. We told him the situation, and all three of us thought of some great ideas to get Sandee to church. As of yesterday, we found a solution for her to come and feel the spirit. If I learned nothing else, it was teaching me how much one person means to God. The same amount of work is placed one one person, as if it were a hundred. Exactly like the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

And I haven’t even gotten to how the Broadcast was impacted on my personal goals. Remember my “prove me now moments?” I decided to take a brand-new notebook, and write a question on the top of each page. At first, I thought, “this might be too much for Heavenly Father, these are a lot of questions.” Then I thought about my own question. Too much for Heavenly Father? Wow, that was stupid. I kept on writing more questions down. I had about six or seven different questions that I had been thinking about. And guess what? Each one was answered. But that’s not the coolest part. They are still being answered during my personal study and other meetings and conferences. So I’ve dated each question, and also dated each answer. It’s really neat to have my own little Doctrine and Covenants. Anyway, after this experiment, I found myself explaining it to a family in a tour at the Smith Farm. (Well, it was actually two families. One was a part-member family, and the other was a family who’s son was about to serve a mission.) I explained how helpful it had been, and encouraged them to do the same thing. When I finished, the mom of the future missionary said, “I don’t believe it, what you just said was an answer to my question.” She is a seminary teacher and has been wondering for so long how to prepare her students for upcoming General Conference. When I explained it, she realized that that was exactly what she needed to do. I then looked over to the non-member in our tour, and I swear I saw her wipe a tear away! She even promised that she would write down a few questions this weekend. Another lady said, “I’m going to text all of my friends and tell them to do that!” You see, it was a small and simple thing, with great things brought to pass. By being an empty vessel for the Lord, I was able to just blurt out something I had never even thought about, bless the lives of the people present, bless the mother’s seminary class, and bless all of that woman’s friends. I’ve learned over and over again that the Lord never wastes His time with His missionaries.

Right after I finished this incredible tour, who else comes out of the Frame Home other than Shawn Stringham! Oh my goodness it was so good to see her. I got to take her and her family through the Threshing Barn and the Cooper Shop, and then the best part–walk with them through the Sacred Grove. Like I said, it was an incredible day. We even went to go see a referral, who Sister Graham and I immediately adored. Her name is Amanda, and she’s a cancer survivor. We can’t wait to go teach her again.

I should probably explain the subject of this e-mail before I finish. In the broadcast, President Eyring spoke about working hard in any capacity that you have. He quoted President Hinckley saying “I’ll duct tape this to full throttle until someone else is called.” What a good visual to know how hard you should work. The Lord won’t give you anything you can’t handle. Check out 1 Nephi 3:7 for more information. It’s made me even more motivated to do all that I can to make sure none of the Lord’s time is wasted. It’s been on my mind all week, and has affected each of the experiences I told you about.

Time to go, but just know that I love you, and I love the Lord so very very much. We are so blessed.


Sister Hawkes


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