I’m in a Dream!

Not too much out of the normal has happened in four days…but I’ll try!
Our investigator, Sandee, is doing really well. Even though she hasn’t come to church yet, she’s excited about coming to the Relief Socity Broadcast on Saturday night. However, our lesson with her last week, I’ll never forget. During weekly planning, we planned to teach her about following the prophet and how he gets direct revelation to guide and lead the Church. But when we got there and sat down on her couch, we both knew we weren’t going to be teaching that. Let me back up–before we got into each lesson, we always say a prayer that the Holy Ghost will be the senior companion, then we evaluate after if He was the “senior companion, the junior companion, or no companion at all.” Anyway, as we were making the spirit the senior companion, we felt like we needed to teach the Law of Chastity–out of all of the lessons! Let me tell you though, that it was the most powerful lesson we’ve ever taught. Even the most powerful lesson I’ve ever taught on my mission so far. The spirit was oozing and once we taught her what it was, she just said quietly, “that makes sense,” almost like she was waiting for someone to give her an excuse to move out of her boyfriend’s house. She listened to everything we had to say–like she always does. Of course she said more incredible things that I recorded in my journal–don’t worry. Sister Graham and I were on cloud nine for the rest of the day. It’s amazing what two 21-year-old girls can accomplish when the Holy Ghost is the senior companion.
Saturday was the 185th anniversary of Joseph getting the plates! I attatched pictures for all of you. It was such a neat day getting to work at the Smith Farm. When we were driving there, we saw President and the AP’s along with a few other elders walking from the Frame home in Manchester (on the Farm) to the Hill Cumorah. It’s about three miles. I will not miss the chance to do that next year, what a cool thing to do. Dad, you told me that Jake remembered he was exactly the age that Joseph Smith was…how weird is that? I bring that up in most of my tours…that I have a 14 year old brother, who was born on Joseph’s birthday, and looks a lot like him. It’s neat to think that just a boy that age had such a mature question. (Jake don’t worry–you’re mature.) But Jake, when you’re 17 on September 22, we’ll have a huge celebration! Anyway, it was a big day at the Farm. We got plenty of visitors that were excited about coming on that day. I got to bear my testimony in the upper room of the log cabin multiple times about Moroni’s visit to Joseph, just 185 years previous. Wow, I have the coolest mission.
And, I have the coolest companion. I just had to let everyone know! Everyone thinks we are sisters, well basically…we are! I absolutely love being her companion. I don’t even feel like her trainer. We’re on equal ground…and I feel like she teaches me more than I teach her by far. I love her a lot and am so glad we don’t have to do missionary work alone. 🙂 Especially with her teaching me ASL all the time. I have a couple of verses in D&C 4 down in sign language! Maybe I’ll be fluent by the end of the transfer. Who knows?
Today we’re headed to Chimney Bluffs for P-day to hike around and to have a cute picnic on the shores of Lake Ontario. I’m just dying at how gorgeous New York really is. Fall up here is incredible. Especially the leaves in the Sacred Grove…most of the time I feel like I’m in a painting. I may or may not have quite a few moments, daily, that I have to snap myself back because I think I’m in a dream. Who gets to completely let go of their life and focus on the Lord for 18 months? With this beautiful scenery? And the most beautiful people? I think the blessing of serving a mission is the mission itself. I could never imagine my life without one. THIS IS AMAZING.
I guess a missionary can pack four days full of fun stuff. It’s never ever boring here. Seriously, if you’re reading any of this, serve a mission.
Sister Hawkes
p.s. someone’s gotta cheer harder for my Cougars…



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