Hard, But Successful Week!

REBECCA IS ONE OF US!!! Just had to give a shout-out to my best friend Reb who just got to the MTC on Wednesday. I am so excited! (And you’re welcome for the package 🙂

So this week…I honestly can’t really remember what happened. So much in so little time. Hopefully if I just keep typing, I’ll think of something to write. Anyway, we started at the Peter Whitmer Farm in Fayette. I had a couple of non-members that just “drove past” and wanted to stop in. (This place is out in the middle of nowhere.) I wanted to squeeze them and say, “that was the SPIRIT!” …but I didn’t. I held my Christlike composure. I took them through the home, and shared the First Vision. They looked at me like I had just given them a new car. It was absolutely wonderful. They each took a Book of Mormon and (hopefully) they’ll read it. That was 2 out of 4 people that I taught the whole day. It was really slow, but I got lots of studying in. I probably read half of Jesus the Christ. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but I definitely grew 1,000% closer to the Savior just by reading about Him.

The rest of our week was filled with proselyting and working shifts at the sites. I saw the newlyweds Sarah and Brian at the Farm! That was really fun to see them. I also had lots of good tours on the farm, too. I still am trying to wrap my head around the fact that I get to teach at the Sacred Grove pretty much everyday. That makes our job so much easier. However, it doesn’t make the proselyting easier. It is so hard because of all the history there. Yesterday, I got an Anti at the Hill Cumorah. I don’t mind so much talking to them, but it’s the fact that my heart just hurts for them. Even hours after they leave, I wish so badly I could do something. But I can’t at all. I want them to realize how great this Gospel is for them. That’s the hard part. Even tracting yesterday, we got slammed doors and the famous line, “I’m all set.” Do you people not realize the blessings you could have? I just don’t understand.

Awesome thing yesterday while tracting though…I we met a nice woman from Honduras named Estella, but I called her “Estalita” and she just loved it. She didn’t speak too much English, so I spoke to her in Spanish. When I started speaking en Espanol, she got so excited. I can’t speak that much, but oh my goodness, how the Holy Ghost brings things to your remembrance. (I may or may not have been studying Spanish pamphlets…) I knew everything she was saying and I could respond in a way that brought the Spirit. She told me she was Catholic, and she appreciated us coming over, but she was in and out of the hospital with knee problems. I told her a little about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. She loves Jesus Christ, so I played up on that. I happenedto have a Spanish Book of Mormon in my backpack, so I took it out and gave it to her and told her this was another testament of Jesus Christ in Central America and North America. She put up her hand and said, “oh I’m sorry, I don’t have any money.” Sister Correia understood that in Spanish and she’s like, “OH IT’S FREE!” haha she said, “en serio??” and I told her that our job is to invite others to Christ and I really wanted her to have this book that testified of Him. She was so excited. We set up a return appointment! When we walked away, we were a few steps off her lawn, and I looked back, and she was still standing in the same position just staring at this Book. I could see her mouthing, “Otro Testamento de JesuCristo” with a huge smile on her face. It made my whole week! There are so many Latinos in Newark–I wish I could teach them all. My Spanish is only good enough for a first visit. But good news, I’m going on Spanish exchanges on Friday! Sister Torres (from Nicaragua) and I are going all day tracting from our Spanish Area Book that we found in our apartment from Newark. Sent from God? I think so. Sister Correia found it in one of the closets…”SISTER HAWKES! A SPANISH AREA BOOK!” (Obviously she gets excited about everything. I love her.) But of course, I get excited about everything too so we had a little dance party in our living room. (And yes, dancing is not missionary-appropriate but it only lasted about 10 seconds.) It was awesome. Hopefully Friday will go well!

That’s all I have for this week. We aren’t doing anything terribly exciting today for P-day, because I am playing 2 musical numbers at Zone Conference and Site Meeting tomorrow, accompanying another musical number, and playing all the hymns…so I’ve got lots of practicing to do. And grocery shopping. And haircuts. And washing cars. Anyway, thanks again for all of your prayers support. I love being a missionary.


Sister Hawkes


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