Transfer #1: Check!

Pageant is over. I’m definitely going through HCP withdrawls. I have the battle scene songs stuck in my head, and it feels so empty thinking about the cast not being here! I have to wait until next year. But at least we get time to think now. Kind of. 🙂 It’s been so busy, but it will get just as busy with more people to teach…more investigators hopefully coming our way…etc. I can’t believe I did all that in my first transfer.

Pageant was absolutely incredible. The spirit of the cast was so strong all day, everyday, because every single person wanted to be there. There wasn’t one person that was ruining it, but all together made it amazing. With 900 people bringing the Book of Mormon to life, and within a couple hours having everyone leave, was really hard. Especially being the 75th anniversary! We had an awesome turnout with so many people that came, “just because they felt they needed to.” Members, and non-members both. What was really neat was that every night, I saw at least someone I knew, if not multiple people. It’s making me feel less weird about being on a mission, it’s actually helping me focus even more on the work! Anyway, at the last Sacrament Meeting we had with the cast, they had the PR woman come and tell us how the media received the Pageant. She said they were intrigued by these young kids that knew exactly why they were there, and not because their parents signed them up for it. We had the Discovery Channel, the New York Times, Time Magazine, a bunch of international television stations, and of course all the local newspapers and magazines. I actually got to talk to the producer of Discover America on the Discovery Channel for about 5 minutes. He came up and just asked me about why I was here for 18 months, if I got paid, etc. We had a fantastic conversation and from what the PR woman said about them, they were very impressed with everyone they talked to! Apparently they came here for another reason, but it turned into a documentary about the Mormons and how devoted we are to their faith and our Savior. Hopefully that’s how they will portray it on television, but regardless of the fact, it was an amazing opportunity.

Even though that was a cool experience, the thing that made it all worth it was what one of the cast members told us on closing night. He said that there were girls who said they wanted to go on missions because of us six sisters, because we proved that missionaries could be fun and spiritual. The boys also raised their standards to girls who not necessarily were returned missionaries, but were girls “just like the sisters.” We spent a LOT of time with them, and every single second was worth it because of that comment. If we could change just one life, it would have been all worth it. But I, with the other sisters, are amazingly blessed to have been able to influence at least 900 lives over the course of 2 weeks.

Yes, today is transfers. But Sister Correia and I are staying together! This is her last transfer. 😦 I’ll miss her so much. She has taught me a lot about missionary work! She loves everyone she comes in contact with, and puts all of her trust in Heavenly Father. And, we are getting a new sister in our apartment tonight! It will be really fun to start off with a new transfer, and have time to go knock doors and testify of the Savior in the most interesting places. 🙂

Well, sorry I don’t have that much else to report on. You can check out my pictures on my missionary facebook from the Pageant! I can add you, but I can’t communicate with you on my missionary page, sorry. Just my investigators. 🙂 This is the most important work in the world. I’ve been thinking lately how much I had to give up to come here–but I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. Missionary work is the hardest work, but also the most rewarding. If anyone is thinking about turning in their papers–don’t think about it. Just do it. I can promise you that you will have an experience that could never be duplicated anywhere else. The Lord will guide you and bless you in your efforts.


Sister Hawkes


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