Rewards, rewards!

This is probably going to be really short.

The past week, me and Sister Correia have been pretty sick. We have been talking all day every day, and our bodies just ache. Haha. But the work is still SO GOOD! I can go into more detail later, but I have seen so many people I know. We also brought two investigators we met at the sites to the Pageant last night, and one of them was just crying because as soon as Moroni read his promise, she goes, “That is it right there. That right there is what I needed.” It was the best reward out of anyone I’ve ever seen. And the best part: SHE’S FROM SALT LAKE! So she said when I get home she’ll be a member, and we are going to general conference together. She is just amazing. And another one we met did almost the same, only when she came to the sites she straight up told us that she didn’t want to learn more…half an hour later…we had her committing to come to Pageant and then came and sat with us! She is also AMAZING. I got the actor who plays Moroni to come talk to her before hand too.


Apparently that was a good move on my part, because they were talking for a really long time and simply him just being in costume and testifying of Christ really got to her. She came up to me after they talked and just gave me a huge hug and said, “I love you.” Again. Best reward ever.

Yesterday was such a fantastic day…including Brother Johnson telling me he had seen you all the day before!  I saw the Hammonds from St. Anthony, and also Ray’s youngest daughter and her family! And a bunch of other people…so odd to see them while I’m a missionary. But so awesome. The work is progressing. We have been working so so so hard. I literally fall in my bed every night. It’s a complete miracle that I can actually smile and be friendly with people. 🙂 Love you all!


Sister Hawkes

Enjoy the following pictures, complimentary of Monica’s facebook account. 🙂



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