9 Days & Counting! (Except Sarah didn’t post this… so she’s already been there for more than 9 days…)

Okay…I think I’m getting too antsy to get out in the field. I love staring at brick walls…in Provo…but I hear New York is a lot prettier…? Just saying. I have realized that I need to treat my last 9 days (!!) at the MTC like the last few weeks out in the field. I need to work harder than I’ve ever worked before, even though I feel like I’ve given it 110% every day! Now is the time for 120%!
So thanks to Spence, my companion and roommates and I listen to AMAZING conference talks each morning. There’s a quote from Pres. Eyring that talks about our calls as missionaries that we listen to every morning. It’s our “pump-up” music if you will. Honestly, it’s better than any workout music I’ve ever listened to. Our job as a missionary is the most important work we can be doing, and since I love the Lord before any of you, I feel right where I am supposed to be. My roommate, Sis. Tueller, likes to walk out the door after we listen to that with, “Sisters, let’s go save the world.”
This week, we’ve had some incredible lessons.
First, a personal lesson. I have never excelled more at a subject, I think, in my entire life. I am understanding it more and more each day, all by the help of the Spirit. I am able to focus and comprehend on most everything that is being taught me, but more importantly, I’m able to teach what I was just taught. Not only teach what I was taught, but to have the Spirit guide me, so that I can learn myself while I am teaching others. It’s amazing what praying every second will do to you. I’ve seen myself grow doctrinally and spiritually more than ever before. I’ve been reading Jesus the Christ–without a dictionary! That’s what I’m talking about…I’m being insanely taught by the Spirit. Heavenly Father is very aware I’m out here, and is willing to give me what I need but only if I ask for it. He’s not going to give it to me if I don’t ask! It’s an amazing blessing.
Second, a lesson that all of us Sisters had on our minds. Not that it bothered us, but we have had a few investigators ask us about why women don’t have the Priesthood. It’s been hard to explain, and they don’t accept the answer of, “it’s just gender roles, and that’s just the way God made us.” So we decided to dig deeper. We hadn’t told our teacher, Sis. Murray about this, when she comes into class the next day (after us talking about it) and says, “I don’t know why, but I have a feeling we need to cancel my planned lesson and talk about something that’s on your minds.” We kinda all looked at each other like, “NO WAY.” Ha! So my other roommate, Sis. Fletcher explained what everyone was thinking. We also added that it seems like the Elders are more numbered than us, that they kinda just “make room” for the Sisters who hadn’t gotten married yet and want to do something for 18 months. I will stand strong, that is not why I am out here! Anyway, Sister Murray listened to us, then kinda stopped for a minute. She told us she’s never really talked about it, but we decided to try it. She focused on listening to the spirit so it could teach us while she talked. She began to draw a diagram that shows two seperate arrows growing apart from each other. At each end, she labeled “men,” and “women.” Then under it, she wrote, “Satan’s Plan.” The next diagram was just one straight arrow pointing up that she labeled, “Gods.” Then under that, she wrote “Heavenly Father’s Plan.” That was enough to explain it. However, she did go on, and we had a fantastic discussion about it. She explained literally, that women can’t get to the Celestial Glory without men, and that men can’t get there either without women. We are all equal with equal responsibilities, some more apparent than others. She explained a lot more, but it was dead silent in the room and everyone of us looked like we just stood next to a train going a million miles an hour. It was incredible. Now turning that into a lesson, it would be impossible to teach to an investigator, however, the knowledge and idea we have of God’s Plan was completely magnified by the Spirit to help us learn. Women have the solemn responsibility to raise a Priesthood Army. I decided right then and there that another huge aspect of my mission was so that I could help my future boys (and girls) magnify their calling. If I didn’t know what missionary work was, how could I raise them? Then, of course later that day, we had another district of Elders that aren’t in our class tell us how glad they were that we are here. I feel more needed than ever as a Sister Missionary, all thanks to our one teacher who listened to the Spirit to teach us.
Back to temporal matters…I LEAVE IN 9 DAYS! On Wednesday, I start Visitors’ Center training, which insists of me going to Temple Square a few times to go on splits with the Sisters there. It’s going to be great. Then I leave Provo early Monday morning…at 4 a.m. Our flight to Detriot leaves at 7, so sorry mom I’ll call you when I get to Detriot. I think it’s about 12:30 Central time? Maybe? Just be prepared for a call from me. Because that would be embarassing if you missed it. Also, Dad, could you send me another Jesus the Christ and a pocket hymnal when I get out to the field?
Oh, mom, I thought you’d want to know. Workouts here aren’t the best, but they provide classes every morning at 6 that we try and go to. We’ve done the step aerobic and the normal aerobic ones…those are way fun! But I’ve been playing volleyball against tons of Polys…man it’s so fun. I haven’t played ball like that in a while and I’m pretty sure I popped a blood vessel trying to block one yesterday. I’m also playing a ton of basketball too, which is AMAZING. It feels so good. Anyway. Time is out. I love you all! Thanks for the support!
Sister Hawkes

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