More Than I Could Ask For


It was fun to look up the areas of my mission while watching General Conference.

I love having an actual call while listening to the prophet speak about the importance of missionary work. Imagining where I will be and the people I will teach was good in not only helping me pay attention, but really putting into perspective the magnitude of missionary work. I really have a place in the service of the Lord!

While watching, I read the dedicatory prayer of the Palmyra temple and the after-thoughts of President Hinckley.

“I marvel at what has happened here,” President Hinckley continued. “From the First Vision this work has spread over the earth to more than 160 nations with more than 10 million people who are members of this Church. Who could ever have imagined it when that boy [Joseph Smith] walked into the grove, that the consequences of that event would become what we see today.”

When praying about my mission call, where I would go, who I would serve…I had a request that there would be a temple in my mission. A small request, and obviously I would go wherever the Lord wanted me to go, but I really have a special place in my heart for temple work. Little did I know that a prophet of the Church would go on to say this about the temple that God placed me next to for the next 18 months:

“I regard this temple as perhaps the most significant, in one respect, in the entire Church,” President Hinckley said. “It was right here in the Sacred Grove where it all began.”

I have been blessed. I ask God for something small, and He gives me more. Not just in something as simple as requesting the presence of a temple, but in every aspect of my life. Looking back, He has paved the way for me to serve a mission by giving me more than what I could have asked for.